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Inorganic chemistry  
Research fields:
01 solvent extraction chemistry  
02 Coordination chemistry  
03 inorganic tdermal chemistry
04 inorganic materials chemistry  
05 Solid acid-alkali chemistry  
06 Bioinorganic chemistry  
Analytical chemistry
Research fields:
01 Electroanalytical chemistry
02 Spectroscopic analysis
03 chromatographic analysis
04 Bioanalytic chemistry
05 Environmental analytical chemistry
Organic chemistry
Research fields:
01 Physical organic chemistry
02 Organic syntdesis chemistry
03 Pharmic chemistry
04 Organometallic chemistry
05 Super molecular chemistry
Physical chemistry
Research fields:
01 Surface electrochemistry
02 Battery and energy conversion
03 Corrosion electrochemistry
04 Elactrochemical syntdesis  
05 chemical reaction kinetics  
06 Molecular design and molecular recognizaton  
07 Biological physical chemistry  
Nanomaterials chemistry
Research fields:
01 Nanomaterials syntdetic chemistry
02 Nanomaterials physical chemistry
03 Nanomaterial systems of composites
04 Functional nanomaterials
Applied chemistry
Research fields:
01 Separation chemistry and Technology  
02 Functional Materials chemistry and applied technology  
03 Fine chemicals  
04 Applied inorganic chemistry  
Chemical technology
Research fields:
01 Fine chemical engineering and technology
02 Chemical engineering processing and equipment  
03 Surface engineering and technology of metal protection  
04 Environment protection in chemical engineering processing  
Polymer chemistry and physics
Research fields:
01 Organosilicon chemistry
02 Syntdetic chemistry of polymers
03 Functional polymers
04 tde structure and properties of polymers  
05 Polymer processing technology  
Colloid and Interface chemistry
Research fields:
01 Dispersion and ultrafine powder
02 interface chemistry of organized functional materials
03 Surfactant
04 Biological colloid chemistry  
05 Liquid crystal colloid
06 Oilfield colloid chemistry
Theoretical and computational chemistry
Research fields:
01 Fundamental quantum chemistry
02 Applied quantum chemistry
03 Molecular reaction dynamics
04 Computer simulation chemistry
05 tdeoretical chemistry in biology
06 tdeoretical chemistry in material science

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