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Inorganic chemistry
Research fields:
01 solvent extraction chemistry
02 Coordination chemistry
03 inorganic materials chemistry
04 Solid acid-alkali chemistry  

Analytical chemistry  
Research fields:
01 Electroanalytical chemistry  
02 Spectroscopic analysis  
03 chromatographic analysis  
04 Bioanalytic chemistry  
05 Environmental analytical chemistry  

Organic chemistry  
Research fields:
01 Physical organic chemistry  
02 Organic synthesis chemistry  
03 Pharmic chemistry  
04 Organometallic chemistry  
05 Super molecular chemistry  

Physical chemistry
Research fields:
01 Surface electrochemistry
02 Battery and energy conversion
03 Corrosion electrochemistry

Polymer chemistry and physics
Research fields:
01 Organosilicon chemistry  
02 Synthetic chemistry of polymers  
03 Functional polymers  

Colloid and Interface chemistry
Research fields:
01 Dispersion and ultrafine powder  
02 interface chemistry of organized functional materials  
03 Surfactant
04 Liquid crystal colloid  
05 Oilfield colloid chemistry  

Theoretical and computational chemistry
Research fields:
01 Fundamental quantum chemistry  
02 Applied quantum chemistry  
03 Molecular reaction dynamics  
04 Computer simulation chemistry  
05 Theoretical chemistry in biology  
06 Theoretical chemistry in material science  

Nanomaterials chemistry
Research fields:
01 Nanomaterials synthetic chemistry  
02 Nanomaterials physical chemistry  
03 Nanomaterial systems of composites  
04 Functional nanomaterials  

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